knitxcore.: vinyl monday: tilly and the wall.

Monday, October 24, 2011

vinyl monday: tilly and the wall.

Vinyl Monday

vinyl monday: tilly and the wall.

I was going to wait until I could secure a clip from my DVR, but I'm just too excited to wait!

Today, my doily ghost was featured at the beginning of THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW! I almost cried. I'm still not even sure how to react to hearing HER say MY NAME!!!!

I could just burst, really.

So, it's clearly time to celebrate and I don't know any band that captures the way I feel today better than Tilly and the Wall. Beat Control is such a great song and the video seems to capture the sort of dynamic energy that I'm feeling right now.

What sorts great things have been happening to you?


Coming up...
-the finished Bird Mask.
-EVEN MORE Vintage Halloween Inspiration
-a pile of Finished Fabric Pumpkins
-A Haircut
-and maybe a finished sock?
...Stay Tuned!!!


Erin Joy said...

That's AMAZING! Congrats! Wow - I definitely want the link when it's available!

Sian Lile said...

yay!!! that is so awesome! you and martha are practically buddies now!!!x

Rae said...

that is incredible! i would probably FAINT to hear the great martha say my name!

and i loooooove tilly and the wall. so much.