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Friday, November 04, 2011

a birthday wish list!


I can't believe that my birthday is in 5 days! I didn't realize how soon it was until I wrote down today's date at work!

I've already gotten my gift from Dave (a super fancy DSLR), but I couldn't resist making a list of things that I love anyway...
I'm head over heels for this clock! I've been wanting an authentic?vintage cuckoo clock for quite a few years. However, the "kitsch" quotient of this new one is just perfect (and the price isn't bad either).

Vintage Dreampets are so cute, I could cry. I guess that doesn't really seem like a rational reaction, but whatever. I would lose my head if I came home to a pile of the precious lil' bebes. I would.

OMG. This teapot. Can you handle it?

A portable turntable! I have a really nice turntable in the living room, but it's huge. When I'm working on things in the craft room, I'd love to be able to listen to records, too. The most fun! dancepartycraftparty.

So, if I hadn't already received the perfect birthday gift, these are the things I would be subtly* bringing up in conversation.

*subtly = "hey did you see this turntable? my birthday would be terrible if i didn't get it"


Coming Up...

-A Finished Pair of Socks!
-Vintage Thanksgiving Inspiration.
-Retro Readers Review: James and the Giant Peach.
-Work in Progress: Rewrites Bulletin Board.
-maybe a Friday Vocab Lesson?


diane said...

happy almost-birthday to a fellow scorpio!

i look forward to seeing all the loveliness you photograph with your gift from dave. how exciting!!!


Paula McGrath said...

those little pets are amazing and the turntable is absolutely amazing. rick and i would die to have such a piece!

so...dave gotcha a camera???

Meream said...


steven andrew said...

Yay, new DSLR! :)
Hope you get everything you're wishing for! <3

littlebirdbigcity said...

That teapot is to die for! So cuuuute!
Happy Birthday!

eliza said...

hahahaha! yeah, our definitions of subtle are pretty similar. i'm excited to see what trouble you get up to with a fancy new camera!

Rae said...

i love that clock too! and i'm a sucker for dreampets as well. i think i feel a new collection coming on.

Applesin said...

I'd give it all to you if I could baby! :P

Anastasia said...

i aint gonna wish you a happy birthday YET tho resisting is hard. you and your awesome taste dude, I LOVE that clock. It's almost too cute.

gwenstella said...

happy birthday! (in advance!)

wow, it's amazing how i want similar things like you do!!!

a cuckoo clock, cute teapot set and A TURNTABLE PLAYER!!! i recently bought a couple of records from the thrift shop but i have no player... :S

knitwick said...

That's exactly the kind of subtle my boyfriend uses... :-)

Happy almost b-day!

Jessi said...

that clock is amazing! We just got an old one - but it is just plain brown, not nearly as cute as that one!