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Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday mailbag!

top secret knitting+

I really do try hard NOT to participate in the Black Friday madness, but working in retail definitely doesn't help. I heard that the store next to mine had Fuji Instax Cameras for 40% off and I rushed over to make sure that I got one. I shivered with anticipation while I was standing in line; I've wanted one of these cameras for so so long...

I plan on using it sometime next week during our tree decorating party, so stay tuned for that!

Today was such a long day! We ate dinner at around 7pm yesterday and didn't get home to almost 10pm. I knew I had to go to sleep but I just couldn't! I tossed and turned until about midnight, and then I had to be awake by 3:30am to be at work by 4. It was a rough morning; believe me! I should have taken it a little easier on the red wine. With the help of some pumpkin spice coffee and fun music, I somehow made it through the morning.

And after work, I came home to most wonderful things in the mail!!! Four skeins of Lamb's Pride AND some vintage velvet ribbon for a very top secret long term project I intend on beginning in January. All that I can really say right now is that it is VERY exciting and that it will require a lot of hard work.

But, I'm up for the challenge!

How was your day?


Lilea said...

Oooooh! I do love a good secret!

Rae said...

i'm a retail worker to and i was so happy not to have to work today. i used to work at joanns and would have to get there at 4 am twice a week and it was killer!
now i just have to be there that early once a quarter. it is so hard to go to sleep when you know you have to get up that early!

steven andrew said...

WHAT CAMERA?! That's FUNNY. I have a post scheduled where I show you the Instax I just bought for 40% off!!
I got it at American Eagle and I LOVE IT! :D said...

I want one of those cameras so bad. Envy? I have it.

This secret project is intriguing... I can't wait!

Paula McGrath said...

rick told me about the camera - and as much as i wanted it, i have so many different cameras already. i can't even recall which ones need film, which are almost done and which i haven't used at all.


good find though.

*karen said...

Where did you order the Lamb's Pride from??

Colby Kern said...

Oh hey! I haven't told you, but I sure do love the new blog look :]

Purl Pixador said...

Love the new font. It reminds me of Stacy McGill in the babysitter's club.

Meream said...

Aack now you made me excited about your top secret project.

Tell us NOW! :D