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Thursday, December 08, 2011

cute mail!!!

cute mail!

I got the cutest things in the mail today!

The pin is from one of my long time internet franz, Danny Brito!
We've been pals on Flickr forever, and I just found out that he has an Etsy shop. I'm going to buy something fancy for myself later, but this id for a lil' Christmas gift.

The roll of teal washi tape came today , too. I'm going to use it along with some Instax photos and my not-so-great homemade wrapping paper to wrap a couple of presents this week :-)

Don't you just love getting awesome things in the mail?!


Erin Joy said...

Ooh - that teal is the same color as my front door! Fab.

Rae said...

HEY! that brooch was on my christmas wish list! i wanted my husband to order it for me! i did get something danny brito in the mail though, i can't wait to open it on christmas! he has the cutest stuff!

alinaballerina said...

SO cute!

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Anonymous said...

I love his shop - I'm going to have to resist buying a ton of stuff! :x

Stela said...

I love getting packages in the mail!
That pin is pretty awesome.

Elisha Lynn said...

I always love getting mail, even if it is something that I have ordered for myself on Etsy! I saw some of Danny Brito's work at the Stitch Rock craft fair in Delray Beach, FL a few months ago. I love the bright colors! Happy Friday!