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Friday, December 16, 2011

good things!


Today has been quite rewarding! I finally finished all of my school work for the semester and I finally get to rest.


-I finished my last paper!
-We finally pulled out the Christmas tree!
-Lentil+Barley soup is on the stove!
-I watched "Beauty and the Beast" on ABC Family.
-We're going to make spritz cookies with a big gun thing after dinner!

I'm so excited to have some free time again!


Anonymous said...

Good job on finishing up the semester! I'm so glad you can finally relax! :)

Alycia said...

I'm watching beauty and the beast right now! (pacific time over here) :) and lentil soup sounds yummy!

Lilea said...

Yay for free time and rest!

Paula McGrath said...

totally with you on the elation of the semester ending! hope ya did well! i'm waiting for ooooone more grade back and then i'll celebrate.

Jada said...

Robbie, I have you "tagged" in my recent post. Please check it out!

kira said...

Yay for a school break!

Jessi said...

My husband writes his last exam tonight - then he is free for the holidays!