knitxcore.: handmade gift #9: tiny pants.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

handmade gift #9: tiny pants.


Yep! I'm still at it!

Sewing on Christmas Eve, can you believe it?

I just flew through these tiny pajama pants from Pip's book.

I had intended to use this fabric for something selfish, but I'm glad I didn't. These are too perfect!

I actually squealed while I was sewing the hem.

Project Particulars

Pattern: Cute Kids Pants from Sew La Tea Do.
Fabric: Jay Mccarroll (from Project Runway) for Free Spirit
Notions: 1" wide elastic.

Cost: less than $10

Time: less than 2 hours

Notes: OMIGOD!!!!! These are the cutest thing ever! The pattern was easy and it moved quickly, even though I insisted on using french seams exclusively. I don't want my niece wearing pants with raw edges ;-)

I still have a few things to share, gah!


Paula McGrath said...

those are awesome!! great pattern choice, per usual

kira said...

That fabric is perfect for those little pants, so adorable!