knitxcore.: handmade gifts #2-8: crackers!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

handmade gifts #2-8: crackers!


I really wish I had taken the time to properly "research" the construction of these lil' guys! I had originally intended to share them as a DIY, but I missed an important part of tying them off.

I guess we can list these as a "crafty fail". However, their shoddy construction will not hold me back from giving them to co-workers tomorrow. I don't know if the paper was too thick, or if I missed a step? Maybe i should have cut slits into the paper?

I stamped the paper (using the eraser-stamp technique) and I spent about $15 on the things to fill them up. (little bells, candy, confetti, and flake stickers). I mean, they look cute enough, right?

I still have 3 gifts to finish up before Sunday! I'm working until the last minute.

Are YOU finished?


Grateful4Crochet said...

So not a fail!!!
These are mega cute and adorable!!!
I am all finished bar a few persents that need wrapping!

Erin Joy said...

Um, nooooo. I am only on the second sleeve...(sob)

kira said...

They definitely look cute enough, I love them!

Jada said...

How cute!! I'm all done with wrapping, but you can do it!! It's only Christmas eve eve :) ha. Good luck with the rest!