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Monday, December 05, 2011

learning curve: how to use my new dslr.


Today I decided to stop being a Luddite, and I took some time to start learning how to properly use my new camera (a Nikon D60).

My old camera served me well, but I sort of outgrew it's features. So, it's time to step up and learn how to use the big boy camera.

I read a tutorial on Etsy discussing "depth of field" and tried my hardest to take really fancy photos.

I called for the assistance of my most patient models.

This is what I got:




They're not awful, but they are a little grainy.

Do you know of any DSLR tips or tricks?


Laura Gerencser said...

ya got me! I have a dslr, even took a photography class! Still dont know how to use it properly. I just take pictures and hope they turn out good;)

eat my shorts said...

I love those photos. It's like the cat is all "Dude, you're totally doing it wrong."

I think they're great shots. I have no tips for digital cameras, I've got a Canon and I always shoot on auto. It's a terrible shame. Every now and again I feel guilty about having a fancy-pants camera and not knowing how to use the actual things that make it fancy. Then I get over it and go back to my evil auto ways.

Grateful4Crochet said...

Awesome photos!
Wish I could give photography advice, or that I was motivated to learn

Crissy said...

Cute cat!
I think grain on these look good.

This comes in handy:

Stela said...

I wish I could help! I want a fancy camera to try and figure out!
Your model is super handsome!

eliza said...

i've had my dslr for two years, and i'm slightly ashamed to say i'm still growing into it. it was rather a large leap from my last one.

i occasionally pin photography stuffs on my i can do it myself board...

please share what you learn! (and as many cat pictures as you want!)

Jessi said...

I still have no clue how to use my camera to it's full potential -and I am lazy and tend to resort to cell phone pics wayy more than I should

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I want to snuggle that kitten! ^_^

I think they turned out great. I just have a little point'n'shoot; I'd love a big fancy camera, but I find them rather intimidating. Oy! Have fun with it, fella!

Rae said...

i need to take a class on how to use my dslr. i have a cannon 20d and i am ok with it, but i don't bother with most of the features and i know it could do so much more for me.

Colby Kern said...

Looks like you're getting the hang of it, this kitty is adorable