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Friday, January 27, 2012

five things i'm freaking out about friday.


I really tried hard not to fall into that "Friday Favorites" trap. It seems like everyone is just sharing the same handful of links in our little corner of blogland. Sometimes, these "favorite" links things seem just like those creepy "advert-torials" in magazines; kinda awkward and shameless.

Recently, I've been getting emails about "endorsing" products and I think it's so strange. I mean, I understand that this is how new media works and that it can be very lucrative but it just comes across as slimy to promote something just because someone is giving you money or free product; dishonest.

Anyway, I'm going to use my "friday favorites" to share things from REAL people that I genuinely love, and think that you should see.

Sound good?


I've just come across Cassie Marie's paintings this week and I love every single one of them! Seriously, Cassie if you're reading this I have about 800 questions for you. I guess I should probably just email you, huh?
Anyway, her series of still life paintings featuring a handful of vintage figurines is some of the most exciting work I've seen this week. I hope she has something in my price range :-)

This banner from Secret Holiday & Co. is so simple and poignant, without trying to be profound. It's very similar to a print we have right above our coat rack that reads "Everything is going to be just fine". I have a tendency to panic or worry about every single thing, and these simple mantras are just so reassuring. As soon as my check is deposited, I'm ordering this banner to hang right above our bed.

octopus scarf!

This Octopus scarf by Flickr user MandalinaRossa is incredible! I've been following her of Flickr for years and I just want to say that everything single thing this girl has ever made is absolutely perfect! Everything! She has an incredible sense of color and such a energetic spirit that is really reflected in her work. I just recently found her Tumblr and I'm so excited to follow her.

Garden of Peculiarities handspun

I was so upset to find out that this art yarn from FolktaleFibers had sold out before I had seen it. It's so fun! Hopefully, Abby is able to spin some more because I'm not sure I can live without it.

I don't know how I ever lived before I found Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Seriously, since I cut out caffeine I need to find new ways to energize my life and she is pretty much the most adorable cup of coffee ever. Watch the whole thing! You won't be sorry.

What's inspiring you this week?


Eartha Kitsch said...

Yes! I totally agree and love the way that you're handling your favorites!

Rae said...

i love those paintings!

Kira said...

Those paintings are so great. They totally match my decor in my studio. I really wish I could buy one!

Grateful4Crochet said...

those paintings are amazing, and I totally agree with you about the endorsements/advertising.

eat my shorts said...

I *so* heart that banner.

I'm with you on the endorsements thing - I was getting a few emails a while back to do some and it just didn't sit right with me to be honest. If I ever endorse something it's because I either already own it and love it, or I actually genuinely want it and love it.

Word verification: dines. OMG. That's the first one I've ever seen that's an actual proper word.

gwenstella said...

hip-hop dancing lions? now i've seen everything!