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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tuesday night knitting club; strickliesel edition.

Sometime last week, I saw a feature in a magazine (Vogue Knitting?) about knitting spools that led to an evening of insomnia. They were all so colorful and kitschy; why didn't I own one? After tossing and turning all night with a horrible bout of tool envy, I decided to go searching on the internet for these lil' guys.

There were quite a few vintage ones on Etsy, but they all seemed too precious (and expensive) to actually use. eBay is always my backup plan when I see something I love but think that it costs too much. After trying a handful of researched terms (knitting spool, knitting nancy and strickliesel), I finally found a ton in my price range.

Even if I had been hesitant to buy one for $10, after reading the seller's description there was no way I couldn't "buy it now"!


"When I was 6 yrs old my sister made a jumping rope for me on her Strick Liesel. Now that I am over 70 yrs young I made some Strick Liesels for children or grown- ups who like to do more than watch TV. The spool knitter is an ideal toy, and a lot of crafts can be made with the cords. F.E. potholders ,headbands, scarfs etc. One way to get rid of left over wool or yarns."


It just melts your heart, right? How could you NOT buy one?

I was afraid to start using it on my on and waited anxious to show my fairy craftmother, Lea, what I had found. Of course, she knew exactly what it was, how to thread it and how to fix the sloppy end I had started.

I'm not sure if it's much easier than knitting i-cord on two DPN's, but it is addictive and the result is very clean and uniform. I can't help but smile when I look down into my hand and see this little guy!

Have you experimented with any new tools?


Erin Joy said...

"Tool envy" - you make me laugh so hard, Robbie! We have a day-glo clear pink plastic one my son just had to have - when his fingers become dextrous enough to use it, he'll be going to town, I'm sure. Yours is waaaaay cuter! Love that history.

Sian Lile said...

that description was so lovely - made me want to buy one too! i used to have a strickliesel when i was little but don't know what's happened to it.
I just bought myself some pom pom makers.... they are pretty nifty...x

Rae said...

that is so cute! i wouldn't be able to resist either.
i'm trying to learn to crochet and I am just awful at it! there is some block in my brain that is not letting me understand it. i tried for 45 minutes the other day and finally gave up in disgust. haha.

Sally said...

I'm so envious. THey are absolutely adorable. Love it :)

Kira said...

It cracks me up that you couldn't sleep just thinking about it. I love the description on the one you chose, sounds perfect :)

NESHA said...

ooooh now I have tool envy! I want one!!!

Charleston said...

digging your site

Grateful4Crochet said...

so cute!!!!!
and love the description too !

Stela said...

That little guy is so amazing! I'm so happy you found one in your price range! And that description? SOLD!

Lisa said...

Yay! Trying new tools is great; I love my Knitting Nancy! Mine is not as cute as yours though, and I think that's because it's new. I am still holding on hope that my mum will give her vintage one one day ... it's *so* much nicer ^_^

I find spool knitting so much easier than crocheting long tubes, but I haven't tried knitting them (I'm not that advanced yet! >_<)

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi from Australia! I am a collector of these knitting spools and have also purchased many from this seller, all great characters. They regularly list more new spool knitters that they make. I am also the current moderator for the Yahoo Spoolknitter Group where we have lots of links, photos, competitions with prizes, etc. You are most welcome to join us if you would like some inspiration for any projects. I also have the Spool Knitter Flickr group. PLUS I have a blog all about them at - - with links in side column as well. Hope to see you there, have fun with your new knitting spool - and may it be the start of many!! ... cheers, Maz aka Marian

Anne Vierra said...

I bought one from her. I have the Clover Wonderknitter which I find amazing for making icord but I had to have one. It is too cool.