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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

intro to ceramics: keep on keepin' on.

progress on my clay figurine for ceramics class.

So, we're finished that pinch pot mess. FINALLY! I sat down today, and turned out two pots like it was no big thing. I DON'T GET IT. All that stress for nothing. I was seriously on the verge of getting an ulcer or something. I didn't even want to go to class today. I couldn't face GMG (or any of those other people in the class) with my crappy little dented, lopsided pots from last week. I walked in and tossed two of them into the garbage. I really couldn't even handle looking at them. They were disgusting, really.

Today, I sat down with my clay and I was trying hard to be positive about the whole mess. I rolled out my two balls of clay to make replacements for the garbage pots and like magic, two totally acceptable pots appeared. Maybe I scored some good karma from the sociological epiphany last week? Or maybe GMG used some sort of telekinesis to transfer his pottery powers to me? IDK, but I'm souped about it.

After I turned out those two achilles heels, I moved on to our next project; a 4 to 7 inch figurine. Let me tell you now, I was superextrastupid nervous. I began to wonder if I could handle this play-doh stuff.

Turns out; I'M A CHAMPION FIGURINE MAKER. Is there such a thing as a "sculpture prodigy"? I might be one; either that or some kind of savant. Do you see that thing up there? Yeah, it's pretty great. I still have some work to do on him next week, but so far I'm pleased as punch.

OHHHHH!!!! BTW, I moved my seat to sit across from ol' GMG and we have THE MOST fun in this class. JOKES ALL DEH. I'm so glad I'm not the jerk I was last week. I forgot to take a picture of his sculpture but it's pretty amazing. I'll try to get one next week. But, to keep you coming back I'll give you a lil' teaser: there's poop and a butt, maybe a wiener. SO, ummmmm, stay tuned for that.

What have YOU fantastic folks been up to?


Laura Gerencser said...

That looks so cool! I've always wanted to try sculpture/clay

Erin Joy said...

The little dude rocks!

Lisa said...

I really like your sculpture - especially the hair! And I'm glad you've mastered the pinch pot ^_^

Crissy said...

Oh, I remember my ceramics class. So horrible! You definitely have the skills for figurine. It looks amazing and the detail looks difficult XD

Can't wait to see a picture of his xD

Rae said...

that beard is pretty spectacular. i'm glad your class is turning around!
i'm trying not to freak about my photography class. i feel like i never take pictures of acceptable things for art class! i took some of the hogwarts castle at universal this week and immediately regretted it. i bet the other girls in my class will have perfect pictures of arty things. uugggh.

Lilea said...

You are a champion! I love the details, right down to the slight tip of his head. "You're a sculptor? Can you make me one?"

Anonymous said...

You killed that project, good job!
I can't wait to see GMG's.. can't imagine it coming out well but if you were shocked, I know I will be, too.

Stitched Together said...

With ceramics it's all about finding the thing you love and exploring it. You will throw so much away before firing it but just keep at it and you will end up with something you love. The figuring is great I look forward to seeing after firing.

Sian Lile said...

i love that you and gmg are buddies - it's just like a movie..x

Erin Kate said...

He's so cute! Ceramics are so fun.

Paula McGrath said...

your little guy looks amaaaazing!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Hey there sculpture prodigy!!!
I am so happy it went so well and you discovered you're mad champion figurine making skills!!
That is so awesome!!!
And it made me really happy you sat next to GMG and are becoming friends!!!
This post made me so happY :)