knitxcore.: MCP: Days 7-10.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

MCP: Days 7-10.

MCP: Day 7
Day 7: "Materials".

I took this photo with the "Dreamy Diana" DSLR lens. Kinda awful, right?

MCP: Day 8
Day 8: "Challenging"
Planning more top secret knitting.

MCP: Day 9.
Day 9: "Hands".
I know you already saw this picture, but I'm falling behind as it is. haha.

MCP: Day 10.
Day 10: "Craft Bag"
This is the bag that my most current WIP's go into. It was free with a subscription to Martha Stewart Living :-)

I'm officially 13 days behind on the MCP challenge. Ugh.


annaremedial said...

Dearest sir, what is that yarn you're using for that super secret knitting?

Katie and Reuben said...

Hehe, this is why I never participate in photo a day challenges. I am so disorganised I would always be very, very behind! Love your pics though :)

Katie x

Erin Kate said...

Love your photos!

Lisa said...

Great photos! I think the last one is my favourite - I love the light in it ^_^