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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

sangria and silkworms.

vinyl wall decals

I wasn't going to post today. I've been incredibly busy for most of the day. I finally got around to taking down the Christmas tree. Yeah. You read that right. I just took down our tree today. It takes every ounce of emotional strength I have to do it.

I love the holidays. The house looks so "full" and "festive"" and it's always a struggle for me to take everything down; essentially putting away the magic for another year. As I was wrapping up the ornaments in tissue and putting them back into the boxes, I decided that maybe my house should feel that magical all the time.

my bed.

So, I'm taking on the project of "adjusting" the things we have, and supplementing them with a more carefully curated collection of vintage. I want it to be Christmas everyday.

I'm thinking of signing up for Rachel Denbow's "Style Your Space" E-course at Red Velvet. The last Red Velvet E-course played an important role in the re-imagination of this blog, and in turn it is making an astronomical improvement in my daily life and in my creative future. But, more on that later...

After taking on the tree, Dave and I went to dinner with his aunts and we tied on a few pitchers of sangria. My cheeks are all tingly and it's probably time to take a nap but, I wanted to discuss something really quickly.

I started taking a new supplement today that helps with pain due to inflammation and a ton of other things, but when I went to further research it I kept coming up with nothing (the same article copy/pasted everywhere). I'm so tired of going to the doctor and coming home with another pill that doesn't do anything, so I've decided to give natural medicine a shot. There are perpetually no side effects, so I think it's worth trying. It's called "Serapeptase", and it's an enzyme derived from silkworms. Does anyone take this, or know someone who has? I hope it helps!
(PS: These pictures are really old, but I wanted to share little bits of my house that I DO love already)


Jessi said...

I have no idea what it is - but I have a friend who is a encyclopedia of herbal remedies I'll ask her!

I am usually really ready to take down the tree by new years - but once it's down the house looks so bare! Let me know if you take Rachel's course and how it is!

Rae said...

i don't know much about serapeptase, if that doesn't work you should try circumin or tumeric. that is really popular for inflamation (i work in the whole body part of whole foods) zyflamed by new chapter is really good for inflammation, but it is expensive! good luck with your supplements!

Erin Joy said...

I've been trying to do something similar at our place - actually sitting down and using the teapot, putting the good placematts out, tableclothes, you know. It's feeling really good around here - and the kitchen is clean so I will be ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

Hope you get some good info on the supplement!

Anastasia said...

This year taking down the tree was such a struggle for me, too. :C I didn't want to.

I totally feel you on ineffective drugs. It's the most frustrating cycle... If natural alternatives work for you that would be amazing! Good luck. C:

Kira said...

I really want to take that e-course as well! I like all of the updates we have done to our home, but I feel like there is something missing that is keeping me from loving it.