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Monday, February 13, 2012

vinyl monday: paul baribeau.

Vinyl Monday

vonyl monday: paul baribeau.

Today at my day job, someone walked up to me with a record in their hands and asked if it was a poster or some kind of wall hanging. He said that his girlfriend really loved the Beatles and he thought that it looked like a "cool collector's item".

I stood there sort of dumbstruck for a moment, but then I remembered that I was old and that 90% of the music I enjoy was probably written before 1994.

He seemed a little confused and unfortunately, I probably wasn't much help. I can be a sort of music snob, sometimes.

vinyl monday paul

I picked Paul Baribeau for Vinyl Monday today, because he's sort of the opposite of that. Even though he's gotten a little acclaim here and there, he plays small shows and is really personally accessible. He doesn't act like a star or turn his nose up at boy's buying their girlfriends Beatle's records for Valentines Day.

I should probably try to be more like that.

Instead, I try to be like A-list bloggers and jump when the shutter goes off.

We all have our idols.

Who's been inspiring YOU lately?


Grateful4Crochet said...

Great photos!!!!!!!!!!
And I love that song, I have never heard of him before but I really liked it!
And re that Beatles story......Really????
I feel so old now I know that people who don't know what records are exist!

Grateful4Crochet said...

I like, really really like that song. I was just playing it again, and my husband also likes it as well. kind of reminded me of sufjan stevens, although he really sounds nothing like him, but there is just something about that track I adore, so will be checking out more of him, thanks for that, love finding new music

Erin Kate said...

I love him! He came to play at my college last year.

Anastasia said...

oh its my man! i want to marry that man.

no but really.
and i love his music.