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Friday, February 17, 2012

What I Wore: 2/17/12.

wiw3 21712

WIW 21712

WIW2 21712

E.T. Hat-Vintage
Military Shirt-American Eagle
Striped Tee-GAP
Levi's 501xx (Shrink-to-fit)- Vintage (eBay).

Remember that resolution I made over a month ago? I decided to "dress better", and I wanted to document and share the process. I used this past month to read a few books ("True Prep", "Take Ivy". and a few others), explore blogs, and watch some of the recent fashion week coverage. I overhauled my 'style' pinboard and started pinning looks that I liked.

All of this exploration led me to realize my anti-fashion stance regarding personal style. I don't like to look chic or streamlined. "Trendy" things make me feel dizzy and sad. I just feel like I've overindulged in a lot of "try hard" activity and I feel sort of embarrassed and confused by what I've taken in.

So, I'm cleansing my palette with simplicity. It's really the only answer. I'm taking an anti-fashion stance against my now overloaded senses. I'm going to curl up in simple and comfortable basics for awhile to cure this sensory overload.

However, I am still going to document it because I feel like the understated need a voice.

That's it!

If you feel sort of "boring" or "simple", I'm gonna be your poster boy.

What are your favorite basics? Tell me about your wardrobe staples!


Erin Joy said...

jeans, concert tees, striped socks, cardis, repeat

eat my shorts said...

Boring my butt. I likes your style Robbie! :)

Lisa said...

Trendy things make me sad too, I am not good at being trendy ; _ ; But I really like your outfit, especially the red hat!

My staples are black, black, black, and more black - my wardrobe is has very little colour in it because I like to add colour with accessories; scarves, brooches, tights, and (of course!) hats! ^_^

Sian Lile said...

i like this outfit and i like this post... i don't think you could ever look boring and simple tho.x

Nicholas said...

I'm actually learning to love ties of all things.

I teach at a university so I need to be slightly more professional now and the movement toward wool pants and dress shirts has been overwhelming - my father was a mechanic, so I know how to rock a jumpsuit - but I find I teach better and feel more confident in my new clothes.

Making my own tie this afternoon, actually, the reward for a job well done.

Crissy said...

I like your style!

*Michelle* said...

Skinny jeans tucked in boot, slightly oversized shirt/sweater or tee & jacket. Although I'm starting to realize that this is becoming the "fit middle aged lady" uniform, so I'm getting a little nervous.

Paula McGrath said...

i actually really dig your style. also, i don't care what anyone says about AE, i love love love it!

Meream said...

OMG I feel the same way about trendy stuff! Makes me dizzy! Haha.

You look cute, by the way. :)

Sian Lile said...

my wardrobe staples tho are dresses, leggings, big boots and a stupid amount of colour.x