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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bracelets by Eli!


When I was I little guy, I was always toiling away on a craft project to sell at our local bazaars. My grandma had both encouraged and funded all my handmade business ventures; whether it was dolls made from mop heads or primitively hand sewn pillows. It was so rewarding to know that people wanted things that I could make.

To such a little guy, it was incredibly empowering to create my own lil' cottage industry. It helped foster a creative spirit within me, and it became an incredibly empowering force that has driven the crafty lifestyle that I live today and all of the benefits that come with that. One of which I'll be announcing VERY soon.

It may seem a little weird that I'm waxing nostalgic and getting a little gushy, but stay with me. I'm going somewhere with this.

Becky Farley's (of Strumpet's Crumpets) seven year old son, Eli, has begun a business venture of his own!!! He's crocheting friendship bracelets to order; you pick the size and color. The price isn't much, and you'll be encouraging a little guy (like I was 100 years ago) to stick with this crafty stuff.

I bought mine immediately after Becky announced it on her blog! I was so psyched to support a boy crafter!!!! (and you should be, too!)

Tomorrow, you'll get to see it in action in my What I Wore post!

Thanks, Eli!


Chase Clark l Oh The Cuteness! said...

Oh this was totally too cute and I gave in and bought one! Your granny squares are looking good by the way, I can't tell from the pics that there's anything wrong with them at all!

Sian Lile said...

oh eli! how amazing! and your grandma too whoop!

Eartha Kitsch said...

That's so cool! Just had to order one for myself. And hey, do you have any pictures of your mop head dolls? I'm dying at how cute that sounds.

Jen said...

That's terrific! Reminds me that my husband used to cross stitch with his mom when he was little :D

Lisa Gutierrez said...

That is so awesome. Having two boys myself, I am ALL for them learning to craft. In fact, a few weeks ago I had the cub scout pack sewing buttons on to felt. Some pieces got turned into bracelets and I was BEAMING. It was so great. I can't wait to teach them how to knit!!

Kira said...

Aww this is so sweet, what an adorable little guy!

Paula McGrath said...

i find that child extremely humorous :>

Becky Farley said...

:) Thank you Robbie!! This post made my week! I link to everyone in our family!! I love your story with grandma! So wonderful!! Thank you x 1000!!

ps Eli thinks its super duper cool you blogged about him!! :)

Lesley Jean said...

I love this! I just bought a bracelet from him. :)