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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

studio sneak peek: hanging out.

I've gotten into this funny habit of simply tacking and taping things to the wall in my studio so I don't lose them, or because I find them particularly inspirational.

The whole room is becoming a giant inspiration board. It's reckless, I know. We'll have to fill in all of the thumb tack holes before we move, the tape may peel off some paint, and things keep falling down but I just can't resist it.

The giant pink thing is a scarf that I knitted for someone who is vegan (it's alpaca) and I'm not sure how it will be received, so it's just hanging around waiting for some finishing work. There's and entrelac dishcloth and an actual swatch mixed in for fun :-)

I really love vintage knitting pamphlets, especially the STAR books in the picture above. I will honestly pay almost anything when I come across one. The pieces are quirky and the styling is just dreamy. I can't get enough of them.

The last picture is some of my recent thrift finds resting on the homemade loom from my fall crafts class. It's become a sort of makeshift shelf. Haha.

I really don't mind the chaotic energy the room is beginning to encompass, it actually fuels my frenetic thought process.

What does your work space look like?


Anonymous said...

That Fair Isle yoked sweater is AMAZING! Please tell me that you're going to make it, Robbie, pleeeeaaaaassseee!?

Jessi said...

I wish I had a whole room! I have a very crammed desk...thank goodness for pinterest, it has helped reduced so much clutter!

littlebirdbigcity said...

I like the eclectic nature of studios. Mine is kind of a mess, too. I have things taped up that continuously fall down. It can be a bit annoying. But every time I receive a cute postcard from an artist, I want to hang it for inspiration! It's not like I can frame everything! I love your studio, looks very YOU.

Lilea said...

Doesn't look messy at all to me! Pan the camera out... I want to see more!

Lisa said...

I like your painter's tape display method - it looks really great! I kinda have a studio, but it's so hot that one can only be in there for short amounts of time. Le sigh. Yours looks fab though! ^_^

Paula McGrath said...

i really enjoy all of your vintage sewing/craft books/photos - i'm sure r would really love your space