knitxcore.: A Month of Craft Photos 2: Days 9-12.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Month of Craft Photos 2: Days 9-12.

My creation

Day 9:
Our Somali kitten, Pumpkin, is sort of my figurative shadow. She follows me around the house constantly; I'm always so afraid I'm going to trip over her and hurt one of us. Don't worry, I still adore her!

Day 10:
A little a bit ago, I recieved a giant box from long-time reader and one of my best bloggy friends; Shannah of Obsidian Kitten. It was full of vintage trim and a ton of macrame cord! I can't wait to use it and make her proud :-)

Day 11:
On Tuesdays, I usually pick up some fresh flowers for my yarn wrapped vase. Not only did I forget today, but I've also forgotten to change the water for quite a few days. Those poor gerber daisies are barely hanging on.

Day 12:
When I think of home, I immediately think of our bed. It's sooooo cozy! That quilt was handmade by a amish collective; Love it sooooo much!

Can you tell that I really love the color yellow???


Erin Joy said...

Oh, I already knew that! What's not to love? That quilt is beautiful - so nice you can have it on display.

Lisa said...

I love that box of vintage trim! Can't wait to see what you make with it ^_^

Lesley Jean said...

What a cute kitty! I love looking at cat photos. At one point I thought our dog could maybe coexist with a cat. She has bloodlust. I cannot subject a sweet cat to her antics. No cat for me! I love the little pillow on your bed that looks like a log. lol And gerber daisies are so funny. When they are done they just slump over like cartoon flowers with xs for eyes.

Stela said...

Love that log pillow you have!!