knitxcore.: Vinyl Monday: Wild Flag.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Vinyl Monday: Wild Flag.

Vinyl Monday vinyl monday: wild flag
I spent the weekend watching Portlandia, eating vegan chili and working on my secret projects; so Wild Flag kind of makes sense for this Vinyl Monday.

I really loved Sleater Kinney, so Wild Flag isn't really out of my comfort zone or anything. It seems as though they just sort of picked up where SK left off, and I'm totes thrilled about that.

The dream of the nineties is still alive :-)

On your suggestions, I switched over to Picmonkey for my photo editing needs and it is soooo good! Thanks to all of the folks that suggested it!

I have to write a paper for ceramics class as quickly as possible, so we're gonna keep this short.

Have a beautiful night!!!!


Sian Lile said...

we love wild flag in our house! bert says he couldn't love them more if they were puppies.
picmonkey? am checking it out.x

Natali Puga said...

Major kudos for diggin' Wild Flag.