knitxcore.: Maryland Sheep and Wool: Maggie Sansone and Rover Dance.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maryland Sheep and Wool: Maggie Sansone and Rover Dance.

rover dance

While shopping for yarn and vintage craft supplies in the main building at Maryland Sheep and Wool, my friends and I happened upon yet another cultural marvel; Maggie Sansone and Rover Dance. Apparently, Julia's husband had already heard of it, and we were only ten minutes away from the next show when we finally made our way back to the front of the building.

We patiently (and excitedly) waited for someone to walk up and remove the purple velvet cloaks from what was easily one of the greatest things I have ever seen; ROVER DANCE!!!!

Unfortunately, my camera battery had died and I had to fumble to switch it out so I didn't get any video. Luckily, someone had the opportunity at a previous festival.

You HAVE to watch this!!!!

What you can't see in the video is that this woman (Maggie, I presume) is playing a hammer dulcimer while controlling the puppets with a foot pedal!

Crazy, right?

I didn't want to leave.


So many quirky happenings at MDSW!  Definitely my kind of place!


Grateful4Crochet said...

Holy crxp!!
Those puppets are crazy awesome!!

Sian Lile said...

oh maggie! she looks lovely!
i went to a cinema showing of Haxan (a film about witchcraft from 1922) and there was a guy playing a dulcimer along with it - fantastic sound!

little said...

that's intense. those little kids are adorable.

Lilea said...

I love it! However, those three children are seriously not impressed. Poor things don't know good entertainment when they see it!