knitxcore.: Time-Machine Tuesday: Lucite Grapes.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Time-Machine Tuesday: Lucite Grapes.

lucite grapes

Dave and I watch "That 70's Show" from time to time, and I am always completely fixated on the home decor! Everything is always so kitsch and brightly colored! Every room is just so perfect! I wish I could just live on the set.

One night, I caught a glimpse of what seemed to be giant plastic grapes on the Foreman's coffee table. I couldn't stop thinking about them. I started Googling and found hundreds of results! They can get super pricey. I didn't want to spend a lot, but I really wanted them. Eventually, I found a sort of beat up pair on eBay for around $12 and took the plunge.

When they finally arrived, I had no idea where I was going to put them. I wanted everyone to see them. They're sovibrant and fun that I wanted them to be a focal point in a smaller room. After auditioning a bunch of different places, they found their way to back of my toilet. Unorthodox? Yep. Perfect? Yep.

lucite grapes 2

I love putting together vignettes in the bathroom! It's weird and sort of unexpected, but it puts a smile on my face every morning.

While searching for some shopping options for you, I came across the most incredible hanging lucite grape lamp on Etsy! As a gentle reminder, my birthday is in November. Just sayin'. It's a little expensive, but it's just flawless.

lucite grapes 3

I also wanted to find a set similar to my own at an affordable price point, just in case you want re-create my amazing toilet vignette. Haha.

lucite grapes 4

This definitely is the beginning of fun new collection! I've been keeping my eye out at thrift shops and estate sales hoping to come across one of those hanging lamps for a bargain, but i haven't found anything yet. If I do, you will definitely be the first to know!

Are you in love with these things or what? Do you have any? Do you know anyone that does/did?


Raynor said...

I love everything about these! ^_^

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

I love those too! I'll keep my eye out for you!

The Fancy Lady said...

these are super fun! i want to do my whole kitchen in that kitchy retro feel

Rich said...

We should've procured that lamp for the Creative Writing Colloquium; to hang above the forlorn cheese-cube plate. (Mental note for next year.)

Sian Lile said...

amazing!you need more...

Amber said...

My grandma or someone in my family had a blue set of these grapes. I used to love the feel of them. Love!

Lisa said...

They look great! I love your vignette (ooo, I've probably spelt that wrong!) too ^_^ Your grapes remind me of the plastic fruit set my grandma has - they are kitsch perfection!