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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Instagram Round-Up!

My Week in Instagram

Row 1: My Little Garden; Marigolds, Portulacas and Alyssum
Row 2: My Week in Food; Chocorooms, Choclate Pudding and Potato Soup with Popcorn Croutons.
Row 3: Stuff; WIW today, A Reckless Purchase, and MY NEW iPHONE!!!!

Before this week, I was using my iPad to Instagram. All of the pictures were limited to things inside of my house and whatever awkward angle I could manage.

Get ready, kids! We're going mobile!

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Amber said...

Have I ever told you your my favorite blogger? Well, you are.

Michelle said...

You will love your iPhone for imstagramming

julia said...

I love those mushroom cookie things! I have been going to antique stores this week and I saw some old timey cameras that made me think of you :-)You should come down and go to Captain Scrap with me!

Lisa said...

Those mushroom cookies are the cutest! I'm looking forward to seeing more instagram photos from you ^_^ (I want to buy an iphone solely for that app!)

Fenn said...


Colby Kern said...

potato soup and popcorn....I don't know about that.