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Friday, August 17, 2012

What I Wore: 8/17/12

WIW 81712DSC_0015DSC_0013

"Happy Birthday" Tee- vintage (thrifted)
Jeans-American Apparel Regular 100s
Shoes (not pictured)- (crusty) Vans X JCrew
Bracelet- By Eli
Glittered Holga

Sometimes, I feel like like just kickin' up my feet, watching TV or doing the laundry. Obviously, those things don't warrant pulling out any fancy vintage sweaters or delicate hand-embroidered western shirts.

Sometimes I just wanna be a jeans and tee shirt guy. Y'know?

This t-shirt is the perfect amount of threadbare cozy. I like that the neck is stretched out a little. I hate when tees cling to my throat. TOTES UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!

These jeans are the ONLY ones I wear. I hate every other pair I own now. If I put on a pair of skinny jeans, I feel ridiculous. The fit is just perfect; no creepy low-rise issues, just really clean simple/classic lines. I refuse to wear anything else.

I NEVER take off my bracelet that Eli Made. Ever. I lost one in a pottery class, and he immediately sent me a new one; one that hasn't left my wrist since the day it came in my mail. Such an awesome kid! Go check out his Star Wars quilt! It's INCREDIBLE!

That's it. Keeping it simple. I have a ton to do this weekend!

What do you wear on a comfy-cozy days?


Raynor said...

You're such a stylin' fellow, Robbie! I love the way you dress. ^_^

Lisa said...

I love your glittery camera! Too cool ^_^

On my lazy days I wear jeans and one of my many Wonder Woman t-shirts (the only superhero that women's shirts ever feature ...). With my hair in a ponytail and my thick rimmmed glasses, I basically go full on nerd style ~_^

Erin Joy said...

I found a gray skirt that feel like a tee shirt - soft, easy, no waistband - and it's been to the beach, picnics, the backyard - my husband has to remind me to take it off before it gets stinky. Ah, summer!

eliza said...

vintage pre-worn tees are the best kind for suresies. also, i'm very happy for you that you found your ideal jeans... wish me luck on my ongoing quest for the same!

eli might just be my hero. what a cool kid.