knitxcore.: Adrienne Goes to the Kitty Dentist.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Adrienne Goes to the Kitty Dentist.

Vet visit! Someone lost a tooth
Snuggle city! It's chilly!

Today we had to take our oldest kitty, Adrienne, to the vet. Sometime during the hurricane, she lost one of her canines. She's old and it happens. However, her bottom tooth was pushing through her top lip and we were concerned that if it wasn't taken care of that the tooth or her lip could get infected.

She was such a good sport! She was virtually quiet and relaxed when they weighed her and took her into the back for x-rays and blood work. The doctor sent us home with some antibiotics and pain killers for the interim. She has an appointment with the kitty dentist in a few weeks. I'm sure she'll be okay, she's a trooper. I believe the vets words were "...she's really know how much a toothache hurts."

I was going to try a new recipe tonight and work on paper that's due tomorrow afternoon but, I think we're gonna just snuggle on the couch, instead.


Eartha Kitsch said...

She's a pretty girl. I'm glad that she came through okay. I think I'm way more scared when a pet family member goes for a procedure than I am when I am going. And here's to the stoic ones. I've got one that is *this* close from being banned from our neighborhood vet. Enjoy your snuggle!

Lesley Jean said...

Awe! She is a soldier. Bless her little heart. :/ I hope the kitty dentist goes just as smoothly.

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

poor thing. i hope her visit to the dentist goes smoothly and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. we went to the dog dentist a few weeks ago and oh BOY was it pricey! but they are worth it. your kitties are so cute. are they are certain breed?

Meream said...

Hang in there, babygirl! Hope she feels better soon. I wanna smoosh her face with kisses :)