Sunday, December 30, 2012


floral crown

Dani and I are both pretty much obsessed with Tavi Gevinson. We keep a pretty close watch on our little homegirl at all times. I immediately knew I was going to buy her the Rookie Yearbook, because that's what any good pal would do. Right?

After thumbing through it repeatedly (trying to find ideas for handmade gifts and swooning over how fantastic it was), I decided that Dani needed to have some kind of floral crown; a staple for the coven of cool kids who religiously follow young Tavi and her minions. Pastels wouldn't do it, though. Dani wears black every single day. I wanted to make something that suited her sense of style, just in case she wanted to wear it beyond a photo shoot or two.

I looked through the website and found a video of Tavi sort-of explaining how to make them. I did a little blog research and even dug out a 1970's book on how to make tissue paper flowers. After gathering my inspiration, I had a game plan.

I ended up having a particularly hard time finding tissue paper in grey and black (I didn't have time to order any) and so I got resourceful. I ended up using paper napkins from the party section at Michael's and spruced them up stamens from the bridal aisle. The rest of the flowers were made from plain white tissue and a shiny silver wrapping paper I had leftover from last year. I twisted the flowers onto a headband with floral wire and then covered the wires with black floral tape. When everything was perfect, I strategically (read: haphazardly) hot glued some silver branches from the Christmas section in between the homemade flowers.

I have it on good authority that my sweet little homemade gift may have brought our mermaid princess to tears. Again, I just want everyone to have a perfect holiday.

Ms. Tauber was kind of enough to take a self-portrait for me to share with everyone. Isn't she perfect?


Sian said...

ahhh! that's amazing!! and you are- what a gift!! also i've been reading the yearbook all day yesterday and all of this morning - it's so great!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

that looks so good! what a perfect gift!


I am really behind of the Tavi Gevinson bandwagon. I early learned who she was when she guest judged on project runway. I have since fallen into the worm hole and am intrigued from some reason...even though I can't decide if she is a genius or really annoying. Maybe both. And she looks like a young scarlett in the horse whisperer. Its spot on and makes me uneasy.

eliza said...

love it! very punk frida kahlo