knitxcore.: 365; 27-30

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

365; 27-30

365/27 -moving stuff around on the walls because why not.

365/28 - finn is my bestie.

365/29 + a haiku about dental hygiene
365/29 - insanely white teeth after a dentist appointment.

365/30 - my little sister is in the hospital. i've been thinking about her a lot today. On the left is a picture of us as littles, on the right one from my mom's wedding.


Crissy said...

Lovely photos.
Hoe your sister is doing okay!

Lilea said...

Sorry your sister is in the hospital. Hope all is well with her soon!

(Love Finn's little white "mittens".)

eliza said...

i hope your sister is doing okay!

Lisa said...

Great photos! I really like your wall ^_^

I hope your sister feels better soon!