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Wednesday, January 09, 2013



this is our cat, adrienne.

she's super old, and only has a few teeth left.

i still like her snuggles.


Eartha Kitsch said...

She's a beautiful girl! Grandma kitties are the best.

I hope that you're feeling better! - though I DO hope that you still smell like pizza because that sounded kind of pleasant.

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

aw, what a sweet kitty. i love old lady animals, especially when they have person names.

Katie and Reuben said...

She's the cuuuuuuuutest! My mama's ginger cat is very old and only has a few teeth left too. He dribbles a lot. Haha! Does Adrienne dribble?

Katie xx

Lisa said...

This is such a lovely photo ^_^