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Thursday, January 24, 2013



first migraine of 2013.
i was honestly going to skip today.
but, then i thought, this is the part of the challenge.
the light made me want to die
i didn't even have the energy to change my shirt.
it clashes so much.
oh well.
not really time to worry about being cute.
gonna go bash my head into the wall for a few hours.


Lisa said...

Oh no, migraines are awful! : _ ;I hope you feel better very soon

Rich said...

I'll put in a request for Rachel to send you some Reiki straightaway.

Raynor said...

I do love this picture, though. Not because you're in pain, but because I totally relate to it I get migraines tooooo. But, it looks like you have the comfiest, cosiest space to sit them out in, and that makes a bit of a difference. Also, I love the colors.