knitxcore.: Sleep-In Saturday!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sleep-In Saturday!

Saturday mornings are my favorite thing ever. EVER. The boyfriend and I can stay up as late as we want on Friday nights, binging on baked goods and watching Bob's Burgers without any threat of forenoon obligation. 

Waking up slowly and naturally (and quite happily) is almost akin to nirvana (the euphoric kind, not the flannel wearing grunge kind).

I wouldn't trade a sleep-in Saturday for anything in the world. This is living.


Tricia said...

So true! Even though I usually end up getting up only slightly later than I do during the week, it's so much nicer being woken up by my cat rather than my alarm.
Love the socks!

Ken said...

Got your book the Knitster. Have to get you to autograph it