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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sleep-In Saturday: Stay at Home Spa.


What's better than spending the entire day pampering each other? NOTHING. Pat and I luxuriate a lot more often than other couples; but to be fair we do use the term for everything from laying on the couch watching TV to getting really (insanely) long bubble baths.

I really love the idea of taking care of each other after a busy week, not only do we have time to reconnect and reflect, but it's also the perfect way to relax! Pick up (or make) a few bath bombs and a fun mask, put together a magical playlist, and spend the night making each other feel the most pampered!

-DIY Fizzies via Martha Stewart: We used Grapefruit Essential Oil because that was all I could find at the last minute, but they smelled amazing. Instead of using water, use witch hazel exclusively. The fizzies will be harder and dry more quickly

-Sunny Side Bubble Bar: This is our ABSOLUTE favorite!!!!!

-Blackberry: Pat ADORES this one! The scent lasts forever

-Mr. Bubble: Don't turn your nose up at this classic! SO MANY BUBBLES!

Create your perfect at home spa experience and  procrastinate for the rest of the day! Saturdays are for LUXURIATING!  


Eartha Kitsch said...

That's a great idea. And you two? Adorable.

luminousvegans said...

I wish my partner would do a spa day with me! I love this post! Makes me smile. :-)


Colby Kern said...

Aww you too are the cutest ever

Colby Kern said...

Aw wow you too are so cute

Katie and Reuben said...

Please stop being so cute. Seriously. I just cannot handle it! xx