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Sunday, July 02, 2006


The Reverse Bloom Flower Washcloth is finished. I feel like it was on the needles forever, considering that it's such a small project. I made one for my mom on Mother's day and my Grandmom saw it and sort of... well... demanded one for herself. I usually jump at the chance to knit something but, I'm afraid this pattern is going to be retired.
I'm sure you all want to know the specs...
-Hand Dyed Cotton Chenille from Woolbearers
(i wish i could remember the colorway!!!)
-Sz. 6 straights and DPN's
Here is a close-up of the colorway:

Woolbearers always has really great hand dyes, in addition to some ol' favorites. I have a hank of beautiful merino wool put away, I have no clue what to do with it. I couldn't resist the color!!! I'll post a pic when i get a chance just to show it off....

It seems everyone has a gratuitous kitty photo on their blog... So here's one of mine:

This is Adrienne, we adopted her a couple of months ago... We named her Adrienne after Adrian Monk, he's a detective with an OCD. She's a kitty with and OCD (she licks off patches of her hair sometimes). She's sooooo sweet!!! She'll come in and wake us up in the morning or sleep on our backs. I always said I didn't want a second cat, but I'm glad we could save her :-)


Obsidian Kitten said...

Your blog looks great!

I love the washcloth...and love the kitty! She's so fabulous. Great name, i watch Monk too, identifying with more of his OCD tendencies than I'd like to admit...

Midnight Purls said...

Yay! The washcloth is finally finished! You're retiring the pattern and I'm just getting started on mine! LOL.

Adrien is a cutie and so much more friendly then Jewel is.

Speaking of Woolbearers... In a few weeks we should head up there!

Midnight Purls said...

Oh no. I would never have frogged that log cabin blanket. I don't have the heart. That's weeks worth of knitting. Worst case scenerio, I would have offered it up to someone else to finish, like my sister.

Can't wait for you to start your log cabin! Hell I can't wait for this one to be finished so I can start my next one! It's addictive!

Calling Kahlo said...

I love the washcloth and the kitty. We have several kitties all adopted, that is wonderful you opened your home to another cat.