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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Set Myself on Fire...

We went to the beach on sunday a i got the nastiest sunburn ever... That's right!!! I got sunburn and it hurts :-( I was just minding my business, reading "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" (which I reccomend to everyone, it's very funny) and the sun came down and punched me in the face! I was feeling terrible and having a bad day on monday when I went back to work and this showed up and turned my whole day around:

Charles from CooL Buddha Tonic sent me some of his beautiful hand dyed yarn!!!! Charles is awesome, if you haven't checked out his shop yet, you should. The colorway is called "Shanghi Noon", the picture does this yarn no justice. I need to give a stab at using acid dye, the colors are so intense! So I have 210 yards of worsted weight *SOFT* merino, what should i do???

I ran to A.C. Moore last week to pick up some thing because Kellyn wanted to learn how to knit. She picked it up really quick!!! We just did a garter stitch scarf in Thick and Quick, if I can pull it away from her for 2 seconds I'll snap a pic for you all. While we were there I grabbed some Sugar and Cream to try out Dave's Garterlac Dishcloth. After 3 attempts, I finally got it:

I can't wait to make another one, but I'm trying to hold off on dishclothes ans washrags until the Dishcloth KAL starts in September. That's gonna be awesome, BTW! JoiN if you want to be cool and you're just not sure how :-)

I may finally cast my second Knuck on today, though I'm not excited about it. I not the biggest fan of the pattern. It's a little messy, IMHO. Maybe I'm just a bad knitta? I do plan on making another pair out of the Rowan Cotton Tweed, just to see if I get better results.

I still have to get needles for the Moderne Log Cabin before I pick it back up. I'm going to try the new Knitpicks needles, because I also want the super big jug of Kookaburra Woolwash.

I don't have any new pictures of the kitties, so we're gonna do a music video instead. I found this Swedish band listening to a channel on my Player and I love them!

"The Concretes began as a three member all girl band with Victoria Bergsman, Maria Eriksson, and Lisa Milberg. Since then they have picked up members, growing into an eight piece band. The also have a number of "Honorary Concretes" who play on their records.
One of their songs from their album The Concretes, "Say Something New", has been featured on TV advertisements in the United States for Target.
Another of their songs "Chico", has been remixed by Australian electronic artists The Avalanches..."

"Seems Fine" by The Concretes


Deneen said...

I loved that book-

The yarn is fantastic-cool pressie.

The Garterlac dishcloth is awesome.

I am using a phethora of crappy adjectives today, aren't I???

Dave said...

Nice garterlac -- good on you for hanging in there till you got it. And that's some awesome looking yarn from Charles!

Anonymous said...

Sweet yarn.... Oh me and th sun we fight like siblings... Ill just be walking to work and the sun punches me or kicks me or slaps me..... I think the sun has emotional issues that cause it to be such a bully... Also techinicly both kool aid and food colouring(provided you use the vinigar/citric acid) are acidic dyes....


tadaahhh said...

have you tried either of the eucalan woolwashes before? i was just wondering if you prefered one over the other...i prefer the fragrance of the eucalan ones over kookaburra, but still have yet to try either!!!

oh, ps do you use them for blocking or just for your warshing?

Impossible Princess said...

I got a skein too...I 'm posting pics in this next blog have to stop buy and see them in an hour or so lol

Obsidian Kitten said...

i *still* haven't cast on my knucks, something about the finger-y thing, eeek!

this is one of my absolute fave patterns tho, for wristwarmers, if you aren't crazy about the knucks:

i've made a bunch of these, they were the first thing i ever did on circulars. also it's a very easy pattern to alter, if you don't like the rib they look good in stockinette (you can do a few rows of seed stitch or something at top and bottom so they don't curl up), also I did a pair (oh no wait, i only finished one, hehheh) with cables and it came out rly nice too

wait, here's alternate version of (stockinette):

Amy said...

I've already made two of those darn garterlac dishcloths. So fun, and once I got it, they seemed to work up quickly.

Thanks for the KAL shoutout, by the way... You're very awesome. =) I'm getting super-geeked myself.

Jeanne said...

Nice garterlac! I tried it once but messed it up - but after seeing yours, I really think I need to try it again.