knitxcore.: Merry (early) X-mas to ME (and the kitties)!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Merry (early) X-mas to ME (and the kitties)!!!

Picture 205
Yesterday, a yellow sticker on my door told me I had to go to the Post Office. Rafther than pondering the USPS secret motives, I rushed over today before work. There waiting for me was the large package the yellow sticker had told me about. Before going home we stopped to pick up lunch, the whole time I was wondering, what's in there? what is in that large package?
I tried to open it with my keys while Dave drove, but alas they were no sharp enight to break the official look priority mail seal. SO, unfortunately I had to wait another 15 minutes before I could see what exciting things were waiting for me.
I had Adrienne check out the box first, to make sure it was safe, you can never be too cautious these days. Once she gave me th O.K., we opened the box.

Picture 206

After hours of spleunking, we found some tresure.

Picture 207

Festive-ly wrapped treasure!

Adrienne and I proceeded with joy as we unwrapped these secret gifts from a special pal.

This is what we found:

Picture 214

A quite stellar hat for me, in my favorite color combo.

Picture 211
Picture 208

Some adorable handknit kitty dim sum for Adrienne and Jewel. I wish I could have gotten a video of them going crazy!

But, that is not all, Ladies and Gentleman!!!!

Picture 210

In addition to the hat and kitty toys, we also found a very fancy piece of yuletide ephemera, some beautiful brown green and orange beaded stitch markers and 2 skeins of Berocco Cotton Twist.

Everything was beautiful!!! I could not be more happy with the things I've recieved for my first swap. I'm very impressed that my sceret pal did enough research to find out my kitty's name and even understand my insane love for earflap hats. Thank you Secret Pal!


Amy said...

Ooh! What nice gifts to get from your pal! Glad to see the kitties take interest in the Kitty Dim Sum; it seems like kitties enjoy ignoring my knitted goodies. :-)

Anonymous said...

Finally you got it!!! I will be doing
Warm Winter exchange next year too!!!

I know!!! It is far aways from now!!!
Cant wait!!!


Midnight Purls said...

What an awesome hat! The kitties playing are so cute. Although I have to be honest, when I read your post, it took me a second to realize who Jewel was. LOL. I'm not used to calling her that! :)

pinsandneedles said...

Ah! so exciting! I've gotta join this warm winter exchange next year. maybe then, i wont be so bombarded with yule knits. Happy holidayz!

tadaahhh said...

wow, your pal did such an excellent job with the festive wrapping of all the goodies!!! love the hat, maybe next year i will have time to join in the exchange!

Obsidian Kitten said...

kitties! kitties! lolol
they look very happy with their dim sum (so spoiled, eeesh!)

and what a great hat, too
you have a super SP!