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Monday, December 18, 2006

OMG! an FO?

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I finally finished the Learn to Cable Scarf from I invested maybe 4 hours into it, so I'm really psyched that it looks sooooo good! It only took 1 and a 1/2 ball of Wool-ease Thick and Quick in "Pumpkin". The recipient is leaving for Iowa on the 20th so I finished this just in time. Cabling is my favorite (knitting) thing to do right now, so this was a blast to make! Next on my "to knit" list are cell phone cozies for Dave and I, out of "SporeZillA" from Hobbledehoy. I'd also like to get moving on socks for Dave before it gets cold. If anyone knows of a great 1/4 length pattern send it my way.

It's been unseasonably warm here in NJ, and I'm kind of afraid that we'll never have winter again. I've got all my sweaters and warm clothing out, only to look at them. BTW! Something decided to eat a hole in a cashmere sweater Dave bought me last year. I am soooo pissed! I've never seen moths in our house, I would be dead of a heart attack. After reading the new Knit.1, I'm assuming we have nasty lil' bugger called carpet beetles. Apparently, you can't see them, and the more precious the fiber the better. I have no idea how to fix the hole yet, maybe I'll learn how darn???

We had our small X-as party yesterday. It was fun and I didn't get too stressed out. I made a Spiral Ham for the first time. Has anyone else tried these??? You don't have to cut it at all and it was very yummy. I baked Snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, and Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffe cake (from the Amy Sedaris book). We exchanged gifts, and had some wine. Good Times! Hopefully I won't have to cook much, we have a lot of food left :-)

I'm going to go eat some leftovers and work in the rest of the ends on the scarf, G'night!

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Amy said...

Aw, I really like it! Nice work and color.

Anonymous said...

I SEND the little gift today..I dont know you will get it before christmas or after!!!

see ya~~

Anonymous said...

I SEND the little gift today..I dont know you will get it before christmas or not but if not new year gift!!!

Marry Christmas
see ya~~

Jeanne said...

Beautiful scarf!

Deneen said...

Great scarf-great color!

Winter, will NJ ever be cold even if just for Christmas? (although if it wasn't Christmas time, yesterday's weather would be perfect-it's cold waiting at the bus stop with E in the AM).

Spiral hams are great-

I have to bake some cookines too!

Dave said...

Wonderful scarf -- great colour, and I love that cable!

tadaahhh said...

great scarf!! it's so huge and comfy lookin...i LOVE sufjan stevens, i just got "songs for christmas". he's got a great voice, and it doesn't hurt that he's such a fox!!

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty color.

Angela said...

Great scarf! I may have to try it. I love cables too, and four hours is really fast!

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, cables are the best, i swear. the scarf is glorious.

and that pumpkin color--i wanna eat it!

you can (sometimes) fix little holes in things with a felting needle and a bit of fiber. i DON'T know if this would work with cashmere...but i'd think it would be less lumpy than trying to darn it.

if you have a bit of the yarn, you can pull it apart (kind of turn it back into roving) and then felt it back over the holey spot.

you prolly want to use a rly small guage felting needle (like a 40-gauge, they come in sizes 36, 38, or 40 and cost $3.50 for 3 of them here:

i'm sure you can get them other places, too...any place that sells fiber would have them. just put some foam or a pillow underneath while you work, they're uber-sharp. (if you don't bleed at least once while you're

the little barbs on their shafts (heehee, i said "shaft") tangle and lock the fibers together when you poke (poke! haw) the needle through your work. you just go stab-stab-stab and then you get felt to happen.

you'd love it...and it just might work.

may said...

i ADORE sufjan!!

nice scarf in a deeelicious color..and 4 hours? wow!