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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Simply, a few of my favorite things.

Inspired by watching Amelie, I've decided to make a list of my favorite simple pleasures.

Seamless Whatever (WIP)

My EZ Percentage Sweater is moving along. I've got to start the second sleeve and get it attached today. This is the first time I've used Malabrigo for anything, and I'm sort of upset that no one told me how incredibly soft it is.
Happiness Soup
Happiness Soup
I was introduced to this amazing recipe by a friend a few years ago. You can't help but smile when you eat a bright yellow bowl of soup. It's actually made me become quite fond of yellow squash. You can find the recipe in
Nigella Lawson's "Forever Summer".

Kate Spade Book Cover

I'm in the middle of three books right now; "Demonology" by Rick Moody, "Pattern Recognition" by William Gibson, and the new Harry Potter. I'm currently obsessed with short stories, after finishing Miranda July's "No One Belongs Here More Than You". I'll read just about anything. When I was just a wee one, I used thumb through the phone book when I ran out of "real" books to read.
(you can download and print out that snazzy book cover from

French Movies
Unfortunately, I do not speak french. I don't really mind reading subtitles, though. It seems as though film-making is still considered an art in most countries (except the good ol' US of A). Strong attention is paid to color schemes and small details that seem to be overlooked in american blockbusters.

I'm going to go try to make a cake in the crockpot, I'll let you all know how it goes. While you're waiting, go check out Charles' Vlog. He's an awesome guy and he dyes some pretty gr8 yarn :-)



Deneen said...

He finally blogs (LOL).

Are you using an insert for cake baking in the crock or no? Curious minds wanna know.

Email Me said...

Hold up, wait a minute, anytime I mention Malabrigo I say it is like butter, But-TER, and some people say butter on crack. It is amazing.

Oh-Amelie was a good film. I agree that a lot of American films are lacking. You should watch Spanish films, "Atame" (Tie Me up Tie me down), Strawberry and Chocolate, Who the hell is Julia?, Like Water for chocolate, Amores de los Perros, ...very good.

sko_G knits said...

omg, i can't believe you haven't fallen in love with malabrigo until now!! =P

yeah, i am very curious about your crock-pot cake. what flavor are you going to make?!

Gloria said...

Whoa, that soup is really yellow! Aptly named!

Now I want to go watch Amelie again.

James said...

Simple things are good. Enjoy them. The sweater is gonna be a hot mess (in
Blogger: KnitXcorE - Post a Comment a totally good way).

Jana said...

A few months ago we caught the film Paris, je t'aime. 19 directors made 5 minute short films about Paris. Tons of famous actors. Do try to catch it when it comes to dvd, you'll love it.

Michael said...

Brice de Nice. A fim that just crosses the border from "uh, weird humour" to "French." (apparently it is hugely popular in Quebec. It's a shame the subtitles aren't hugely accurate in the song and dance sequences, but it is positively hilarious. Oh, I suggest watching it with someone, otherwise you get this nagging "why am I doing this?" feeling.

nuttnbunny said...

Simply lovely list. French Films! Oui oui! Have you seen Godard's "Band of Outsiders"? One of my all time faves. Laughed my tete off - in a v. francaise way, bien sur.

And Nigella **sigh**. I made her granola from FEAST today.

Can't wait to see the cake.

*karen said...

I'm going to confess a deep, dark secret: I've never watched Amelie. I don't know why. So many of my friends have and yet...ah well, it's something to look forward to. Love the sweater, but Nigella looks a bit sinister on that cookbook cover.

Charles said...

Thank You Robbie!
Yarn will be list soon! Hopely next week!

I could send you some yarn I dye....

See ya~~~

Jeanne said...

I just got some Malabrigo and I couldn't believe how soft it was - and no one told me either!

Eikon said...

I use malabrigo for 6 gauge socks; great fast present. So nice. I've been tooling about with a ,malabrigo sweater in Billy Blue for the last two months now using the EZ percentage pattern. I think I'm going to go with the shoulder saddle one.

che' said...

That sweater will totally do you, its really turning out nice. And Malibrigo is the BOMB! Especially since its treated chemical free = no skin irritants.

If you want to check out there lace let me know there is son great colors that Ive only seen online.

By the way I love that photo at the top