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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SPT: 022808 swapcore

spt: 022808 swapcore

i made a ganomy hat for an awesome girl i never met.
she made me this super rad shirt.
we found each other on stylemob.
pretty awesome, eh?

photo edits suck.
(this is what she got.)

---current obsession---

Has anyone heard of Kate Nash?
probably the cutest video ever, and @ 33 seconds in she's knitting a scarf!!!!!!!



Kara said...

That is a great shirt and one cute video! I'll be humming that song all night :)

sunneshine said...

Love the hat! And the color is brilliant!

Hope you are well!

Saskia said...

love owls, love miss Nash, love the picture

Kyle Kunnecke said...

super cute owl shirt - and love kate... I'll have to look her up on itunes... thanks for the heads up on the fun brit girl!

sko_G knits said...

yes! and let's talk about that awesome skerf!

Colleen said...

I love kate nash!
And thats a cute owl

Impossible Princess said...

LOL yea she is pretty damn awesum LOL

Emma said...

Love the shirt. It's perfect for you!

*karen said...

What a great shirt...I'll have to watch the video when my computer stops making gasping noises...and yes, do tell about the scarf.

Obsessed with knitting said...


Ken said...

Great shirt you got there...I'm all jealous! And the Kate Nash video is great!

Sandra said...

rad shirt. looks too cute on you.

Crochet Goddess said...

Great shirt and I really like the video.

Charles said...

Hey Robbie~
I thanks you for the comment! Iam so much better and coid is gone!

OMG Does owl t-shirt looks so awesome! I really it alot!
I just post new blog..I talked about you! HAHAHA

Come over and visit!

Gloria said...

I haven't done a craft swap in ages, mostly cause I've been busy. But I love that you can get such cool, personal crafts. The tshirt you got is awesome.

Faith! said...

Yellow hat! What a good idea! I like it.