Wednesday, January 07, 2009

another gift for a co-worker.

based on the pattern from last minute gifts. i used seed stitch instead of the thermal pattern b/c i had to finish this quickly. the mushroom is needle felted on with lambs pride. the teapot is a vintage arnel, found on etsy.

it was kinda hard to give this one up. i almost gave them something else. i've been searching ebay to find another of the same teapot for myself.

i have so much to do today, and all that i've done so far is read blogs and watch kate bush videos on youtube. i'm such a slacker.
my to do list is jam packed today:

-bake bread for dinner tonight
-go grocery shopping
-put away xmas gifts
-do load of laundry
-make bed
-put away decorations
-take down tree
-fill up the fish tank...

it just keeps going. i haven't even got a shower yet. all i want to do is darn some socks and read a book. i guess if i can chug enough coffee, i'll get moving. maybe.

what do you do to get motivated?

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights (i'm currently reading it, actually...)

i know this video is for accquired tastes,and 90% of people will hate it. i just can't get enough. she's soooo magical...



Charles said...

The mushroom beg looks so awesome!Robbie~ Did she like the beg?

I need to put down my tree this week...I guess everybody's to do list this week!

Cody said...

That is so cool! But I think I'm more interested in the cozy than the teapot.

I do exactly that--make lists--to get motivated. Sometimes, if there are baked goods around, I can use cookies or brownies as leverage. Example: Write a page, eat a cookie. Mop the floor, eat two cookies.

Usually, I just eat cookies and nothing gets done.

Brook said...

cute love what you made! I've never tried needle felting is it hard?

lupinbunny said...

Hey, about the Kusha Kusha scarf: I got a kit from the knitting hutch:

there's enough yarn on the spools to make two scarfs, I think.

Looks like they've sold out of lots of colour combos - maybe ask when the next shipment is due?

Obsidian Kitten said...

omg, i haven't thought about kate bush in the longest time, and she has an absolutely amazing voice.

mushroom--incredible! both the cozy and the teapot. i don't know how you could bear to give them away.

i have motivation malaise A LOT of the time. i drink coffee but it doesn't always help. i find that music is a primary mind/mood-altering substance for me, so i'll put on something that is boppy/cheery/upbeat and force myself to sing (and maybe dance) along -- it helps.

also if i have too many things (like, more than two!) on my to-do list for the day i get over-whelmed.

.girl ferment. said...

a vintage teapot with a cosy to go with it. fabulous gift.

this reminded me of the book on knitting wild tea cosies that i received for christmas.

p.s did you make/draw your blog header?

Estela said...

Don't take down your Christmas tree!! Let's have a competition on who keeps it up the longest! haha

copperseal said...

do you listen to Joanna Newsom? she reminds me a bit of Kate Bush - cool stuff!

Ren said...

Heh - I featured the other video for this on my site.

Awesome sauce, dude!