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Saturday, May 02, 2009


bubble bath.

so, it's my day off.
i like to get bubble baths  (lush's karma bubble bar is my fave but mr. bubble runs a close second) and listen to this american life.
i chose episode #238 and by the end of act 1, i  was in tears.
it was about a mother dying of lung cancer who made a video for her developmentally disabled daughter to remember her.
it was soooooo incredibly sweet.


first aid kit- tiger mountain peasant song (fleet foxes cover)
this is so raw and beautiful.  i need to order their album.



Anonymous said...

lol it's lovely!

littlebirdbigcity said...

I haven't listened to that episode of This American Life. I really need to, I could use a good cry.

Marlena said...

I love that episode, too. It was one of the ones that I stayed in my car for after I got home, and then listened to AGAIN on the podcast.

a faerie finder said...

do you ever sculpt things into
your bubbles? i love to make bunnies..
first you make the round body..
long and flat like its lying down...
then plop a ball on the front for the head
and trail your fingers back to make the ears.
i make one every single day! ha ha ha
(we dont have a shower only a bath) :(

yay fleet foxes
my boyfriend signed them! :D
(for UK that is)
they are the nicest boys on planet earth too.
i love the cover too!

.girl ferment. said...

i like this
lumberjack shirts with pretty music in the forest

the episode sounds sweet and sad

did you sign up for the million little pictures project?
i am sure it is still open as entries aren't due for months

Andy Baker said...

That song was great! I love how when they were really howling you could hear it echoing in the mountains. I listen to This American Life every Sunday morning. I save them on the ipod and listen. It's always fabulous.