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Friday, May 22, 2009

friday faves.


Happiest lion - Boys like me (paul baribeau cover)


my family and other animals by gerald durrell

an incredible summer read!  travel without leaving your block.


this hat by etsy seller onnesti

i love it more than anything, it's just kinda out of my price range.

a tiny, working harmonica.  nuff said.

i have to start getting ready for work, so i'm cutting this short.
i should have my first 2 rolls of holga film back in less than a week.
keep yours eyes peeled!



Eliza said...

yeah, that hat is pretty amazing...

Emy Augustus said...

everything on etsy seems to be outta my price range lately!!!

these 2 remind me of tom sawyer/mark twain/ st. louis.

Erin said...

ah, holga. that's your secret. the dreamy pictures have been a treat in my flickr.

Ali said...

my friend totally has that harmonica, btw it's amazing!