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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


my first two rolls came back. i have mixed emotions about the results.

holga shoes

holga bunny

holga sky

holga geese



ghost ride the whip

i was just hoping for more of that holga magic. i'm sure i'll figure it out eventually.
you can see the rest of them on my flickr photostream.

i swear i'm knitting. i'm chugging away on the ol' log cabin blanket. i've come to point where it takes 15 minutes to finish a row :-( i never should have used cotton. oh well. it's too late now. lesson learned.


simone white - why is your raincoat always crying?



littlebirdbigcity said...

I love the pictures, and what a pretty song!

cabin + cub said...

lovely pics. i find our holga is very hit and miss.. but i guess that's what makes it exciting! ;)

a faerie finder said...

hi lovey* it was actually a "poem" from a book of my moms poems brilliantly fun it would be! xoxo

a faerie finder said...

cept im scared of bears.

Cody said...

what is with everyone knitting blankets in summer? i just don't understand.

a mouse said...

hi birdie
i dont use film
i use mostly my macbook built in!
i just do a little fanciness
in my editing program
to make em look a bit
if you want to know exactly
what i do lemme know :)
hoots! xoxoxoxoxo

Emy Augustus said...

ah i see why you're disapointed by the lack of holga-ness. I always thought the trademark holga look came automatically.
that loch ness monster climbing thing is quite awesome.

K8 said...

I like your photography, especially the way it looks almost old.