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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i need a haircut.

this is what my hair looks like right now.
i hate it. it's thick and kinda wavy at times and usually looks terrible by the end of the day.

so everyone that reads my is going to help me pick a new 'do. right?

i want:
something more polished (as stacy and clinton would say).
that doesn't involve blow drying or straightening.
possibly vintage or classic? (i.e.; pompadours and side parts)
and finally something that requires very little "product".

leave your ideas in the comments, preferably with a link to a photo.
i'll pick my favorites out of those, and open a poll for all of you to vote on monday.
the person who picks with the winning style/cut will recieve a sweet vintage or handmade prize!!!!!



Kelsey said...

I think your hair is cute how it is though :)

Nora said...

I say go with the james dean/pomp thing but leave your sideburns. Or just leave it, you're a good looking guy as is, but if you want change...

*karen said...

Oh man, I am not the person to ask for this :o)

Sandra said...

clinton kelly is so dreamy. have you ever considered getting a 'do like his?

annaremedial said...

this is nice. might take some product and minimal blowdrying.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite fond of this haircut and I doubt it would take much mussing and fussing :)


Ali said...

Ah, we share the same dilemma, and obviously both chose cutting over growing, but you know what, I just got mine cut kinda similar to yours and so far, its pretty easy to manage. Maybe the key is choosing the right product. Go for a matte wax/paste. Like my hairdresser said, most cuts are exactly the same, it just depends on the styling

militza said...

I was thinking something vintage like from the late 30's. How about something like Robert Sean Leonard in "Swing kids"?

Laura said...

I like this one:

and you would look better in it than that guy!

carrot people said...

This hair seems to look good with product and without when it's wavy... you'd have lots of options.

Maleaab said...

Ok, so some of these are guy do's on girls, so please forgive me...I just really like these looks for either men or women:

Annie Lennox - this is slightly longer than her past near buzz cuts:

Shane from L-Word - a bit shorter than some of her looks and you could do it with just one styling mousse or gel:

David Beckham - again, just one really good styling product and you could do this...I think it would really suit your face:

Your hair looks good as is though...says the girl who is ready to hack all of her own hair off despite compliments from others. :)

JoonToons said...

a handsome guy with a james dean style do is always fab imho. looks to me like your hair would be quite suited for that. and i love that it's not so super hip right now. classic and young and stylish but not overly popular. ;)

Emy Augustus said...

low maintenance...little need for products... how bout shave half off like craig? XD

Carol said...

how about this style

you could buzz it your self, just use a longer guard on the top