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Sunday, July 19, 2009

floor pillow.

floor pillow

made from a vintage montgomery ward bed sheet.
my grandma used to work there when i was little.
it's stuffed with two regular bed pillows tied together.
i'm sure the kitties will adopt it, and i'll never get use it.
i used ApartmentTherapy's tutorial as a jumping off point
and adjusted the measurements to make it easier.
i'm horrible at math.

floor pillow

project details:

tutorial= @

materials = two standard pillows (which were under the bed), one vintage bed sheet (ebay $8), velcro (i had laying around for some strange reason), fiberfill to fill out corners (i buy it every time it's on sale)

time= 30 minutes

modifications= i needed this to fit under my coffee table so, i did a 30" x 30" square.


sarah blasko - no turning back



Laura Gerencser said...

Love the pillow!!

Penny said...

Oh I love Sarah Blasko! And your bunny/bear (I think it's a bunny, right?) looks so comfy, taking a nap :D

Brook said...

cute!! I love the little bunny too!!

littlebirdbigcity said...

that video is AMAZING! I may have to repost. Love the pillow. Keep up the goodness.

a mouse said...

i love this! so *sitty*
i bet a peacock ghost will sit on it..