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Sunday, July 19, 2009

vinyl sunday.

vinyl sunday

ed ames- when the snow is on the roses.

i bought this album at a store where LP's are 20 for $2.
the sleeve was so good i couldn't leave it there.
i'm still not sure who ed ames is.
he could have been the indian guy in "daniel boone".

ed ames - when snow is on the roses.



Zhonzyre said...

Yes, Ed Ames is the man who played Mingo on Daniel Boone in 1964-68. He is also the leading soloist in The Ames Brothers. He's Jewish/Ukranian, too. Ed Ames is a very impressive, charming man who recently turned 82 a couple weeks ago. ;)

Tina Notaro said...

Where is this store you speak of!?
20 LP's for $2!

Tallguy said...

Oh, the younger generation! They don't know who all the important people are! They have new idols now -- not as great or talented, but it's a new gerneration!