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Saturday, November 21, 2009


'sara's popsicle was depressed.'

reading in bed is such a welcome distraction.
i should be writing a paper about what i believe in but, i'm not sure.
i think i believe in simplicity? (re: thoreau)
and maybe buying handmade? (re: etsy)
possibly, living deliberately? (re: existentialism)

i don't know.
i'm hungry, and tired.
i think we have some spaghetti.
i'll try again tomorrow.
i kinda want to live in this house.

the most serene republic - heavens to purgatory


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Emy Augustus said...

I was just watching a video of a tao lin reading in which he read a poem that went something like this -

" I went fishing with my family one day. My dad caught a crab, my mom caught a turtle, my brother caught a fish, I caught a whale..."


"That night we had crab. The next night we had turtle. The next night we had fish. The next night we had whale..."

Then he repeated the last sentence for like 3 minutes. An eternity.

I thought I was going to go crazy but! I watched it to the end. =D

did u win the bid?