knitxcore.: my feet are sweaty but at least i have shoes.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

my feet are sweaty but at least i have shoes.

i just posted this comment @ emy augustus' blog

"i feel like when people give homeless people 'anything', for maybe just a second they are really saying 'it is probably my fault you are here, on the street, eating garbage. here is a grape or a frito or whatever. this small crumb makes up for that fact that you are completely oppressed and i need to think i did something to change that". it doesn't. it's probably really demeaning and kinda selfish. when i see a homeless person, i just want to smile and maybe say 'hi'. possibly pay them a compliment. not a facetious, underhanded compliment. just something honest and simple like "you have beautiful eyes". so, maybe, just for second, they will feel normal and 'connected' to someone else. i feel like they feel lonely. this one time, after a maria taylor show, a man outside of a bodega asked me for a chocolate milk. like specifically. he said,"excuse me, i know this sounds ridiculous but, i would be really happy if you bought me a chocolate milk". when i was walking around the store, i wsn't sure if i should do it. eventually i came to this conclusion: i had money, he was thirsty for some chocolate milk. why shouldn't i buy him 8 oz. of happiness? the fact that he was able to find happiness in such a simple thing made me think about my own materialistic life. since then, i've only had chocolate milk a few times, but it tastes different. 'better' or something."

she posted this vlog, and it made me think.

i know this is random, but at least i blogged something.
i haven't had a lot of time to work on any 'projects'.
the semester is over next week, so maybe i'll find some time to make a few gifts.



annaremedial said...

yesterday a homeless man told me my nose ring was cute. and i know a lot of girls who would be like, oh god grossssss. but i was like, he's just a dude. he just happens to not have a place to keep his things and sleep without getting rained on. he can think it's cute and it's a compliment and i will take that. and i did. i probably still sound like an asshole, but i had a human conversation with a homeless man, and i hope more people can just do that, as opposed to just throwing money at them and moving on. i hope this makes sense.

Emy Augustus said...

I really like how on your blog roll, I am between 'playing grown up' and hipster runoff.