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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i usually drink coffee in the bathtub.
this morning, that was not an option.
a few days ago, someone hit a pole and our whole neighborhood lost electricity for a couple of hours.
since then, there has been no hot water.
after boiling 6 pots of water on the stove, i only had about 6 inches of water to bathe in.
so now, mr. hot water heater and i are NOT friends.

an open letter to my hot water heater:

i can't believe you ditched me.
we've been friends for over five years.
i don't want to play with you anymore.
i think it would be best if you gave me back my he-man 'guys' and my skip-it.
i don't want you to have fun if it's not with me.
i'll bring your POGs to school tomorrow.
there is no need to get our parents involved.


P.S. i unraveled all of your queen tapes.
if i had to listen to 'bohemian rhapsody' one more time, i swear i would have beat you up behind the laundromat


the monkees - pleasant valley sunday
(it makes me smile)


littlebirdbigcity said...

yer funny. this makes me want to write apology letters to my car, that i'm selling because i don't love it anymore. sometimes love fades.

micah said...

dude, bummer about the WH. I had to check one out this weekend. It was fine; had to turn it up. Then I turned mine up. It'll boil your skin right off.

e-mail me. Maybe I can help!

hibou said...

I don't even know where to start. That was hilarious. Skip-It? The diagram? Queen tapes? I'm sorry you're without hot water though...

Emy Augustus said...

my sister lost hot water in her dorm a couple times. she boiled water, put it in a big metal basin she had for washing veggies, and just washed her hair. Hope you get the electricity back soon.

Saskia said...

I'd send you some hot water, but before it gets there it'll have been cold, hot again and cold. So... here are my sympathies.
And eh... you might want to make up with your waterboiler. No hot water for your bath ánd no coffee/tea will make you want to end your relationship with the likes of your washing mashine, the radio, and let's not even think about the stash... The negative only brings on more negative. Please break the cycle!