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Thursday, January 14, 2010


my grandma thought randy travis was a 'dreamboat'.
we used to listen to him in the car on the way to kmart.
she didn't live that far away, so it was only one or two songs.
unless there was a sale at caldor. in which case, we would listen to half of a cassette.
it was ok.
sometimes, we would stop by a takeout restaurant and get tiny chicken sandwiches.
it only took one or two bites to finish them.
there is nothing more fun than singing along to 'deeper than the holler' with a mouth full of fried chicken and bread.


kappa danielson - deeper than the holler (randy travis cover)

-i couldn't find a good quality original-


Laura Gerencser said...

I Love Randy Travis!!:) And I'm younger!:) Somethin about that voice!

faerie finder said...

i used to have a crush on randy travis!
aw! xoxo