knitxcore.: i had a dream.

Monday, October 04, 2010

i had a dream.


mason by coreyolsen, on flickr.

last night, i had dream that a nun taught me how to pray.
we were fully clothed, but leaning over the edge of a bathtub.
she said it would have to do, because there were no pews in my house.
i didn't understand the concept of prayer.
she said that if i could get it right, that i would wake up to find a clean house.
i had canned peaches before i went to bed, so the kitchen was a mess.
i was willing to try anything.
once i had fully understood the process, the nun left through a window.
when i woke up, there was still heavy syrup all over the counter
and the sink was still full of peach pits.
i filled the bathtub, put on a record, and hid underwater.
i pretended that i didn't see the mess.



Flora said...

That Fiona Apple album is one of my all time favorites.

Cassy said... that video. Too bad the mess was still there...

Fleur said...

what a nice dream; i think that all the weird dreams are the nicest dreams :)
and what a lovely photograph, reminds me of my own 'dream jar', a jar filled with plastic butterflies and fluffy things, that represented my dreams :P