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Monday, January 17, 2011

parade of gifts: jang-a-lang.

jingle bell wreath

i made this wreath for a co-worker.
it is currently hanging from his rear-view mirror.
he uses it as a tambourine, and shakes it out of his window to celebrate holidays.
i couldn't be happier.

ΔΔΔfull disclosureΔΔΔ

Source: vintage martha.

Materials: three boxes of brass bells, a spool of brass floral wire (12 gauge, doubled), wire edged gold ribbon

Time: about an hour.

Loved: the sound it makes



CassieMarie said...


When I was really little, my grandma made me a sweatshirt with those bells around the collar and the wrists and I used to love it! I'm pretty sure my mom hated it though - haha

Anonymous said...

ohhh, "November" is one of my favorite songs. My mom died in November when I was a kid, and I like to listen to it in the fall when I'm feeling sad about the seasons changing.

(I'm cassettetape on ravelry. You're on my friends list, probably because I like your projects. hi!)