knitxcore.: parade of gifts: tillie.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

parade of gifts: tillie.


poor tillie was a twelfth hour project.
i finished her just in time to be wrapped up with this book, and given away.
we didn't get to spend any quality time together.

ΔΔΔfull disclosureΔΔΔ

Source: marisol the mouse kit via yarnigans

Materials: all included in the kit.

Time: about three hours.

Loved: her little pink tail.



Erin Joy said...

Love the itty-bitty mousie! All your handmade show&tells are awesome. And I L O V E the photos.

hibou said...

EEEEEEE! So much cute in one post!

eliza said...

i love tilly!!!